Razorback 4 Wheel Drive Train

The Razorback 4 Wheel Drive train is a really remarkable piece of engineering, it provides a mechanical 4WD drive train with a hydrostatic drive in front of it. This gives you a very efficient drive train that utilises all the available horsepower with very little loss.

The basis of the system is a shaft system that delivers drive to the front axle via universal joints that are grease packed inside a sealed rubber boot. The front axle could not have a conventional differential as it would have impeded the material being fed into the cutter train.

Instead they have used a right angle drive and planetary drive hubs on each end of the front axle. This delivers fantastic traction at each front wheel. This also assists steering while in 4WD! They have built a cast iron front axle – a casting within a casting; splined shafts floating in an oil bath, almost indestructible! The design is completed with sophisticated seals within seals, complete with an external trash guard.

Having the hydrostatic drive in the very front of the system allows you to drive the mower by a single foot pedal. This provides vehicle travel forward or backward with incredible ease.

While the mower has mechanical shoe and drum based brakes, the reality is that the hydrostatic drive train works so well that you only use the mechanical brakes for parking the machine.

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