Protect your home with a Fire Break

Bush-fires can affect anyone, anywhere. It is important to prepare your home, property and family before bushfire strikes and it may be too late. Fire-fighting resources alone are often not enough to protect properties. The easiest way to fight a fire is to stop it in the first place. This often involves the removal of […]

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How to Get Rid of Onion Weed

Onion Weed Problems? Onion weeds are the bane of most gardeners and lawns. They are very tough to get rid of. They often grow in soils that have low pH levels which means the soil has a higher acidity. The reason they are so hard to get rid of lies in the weeds bulbs.  If […]

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Is Your Lawn Suffering From the Winter Blues/ Browns?

Coming out of Winter, your lawn still most likely has some brown in colour, or if you have some types of Buffalo Grass, your lawn could look almost like sand in colour with almost no green at all. Why is this so? Winter brings on dormancy for a wide variety of plants and animals. The […]

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Prepare for Bushfire Season

Bushfires are the cause of millions of damage and lives lost every year in Australia. They are often unpreventable, so it’s important you understand if you’re at risk and how to minimise that risk. Many houses are destroyed from embers floating through the air and landing in gutters or through windows that have been smashed from […]

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Weed Control with Razorback Mowers

Control your Noxious Weed with the Razorback 4WD Mower! Noxious weeds are weeds that threaten properties, human health, agricultural productivity, and nature in general. They need to be controlled to keep the community safe. There are various preventative measures, such as chemicals, that can be used to avoid weed invasions. But if you are one […]

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Our Competition

Italian Stallion There are some interesting mowers out in the marketplace. The Italian offering is only 2 wheel drive and has a belt based cutter deck. While it has a great deal of “street” appeal and presents very well indeed, it is still only a very conventional ride on mower with a very basic deck, […]

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