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As a lawn mowing professional, you will eventually encounter properties which have tough and overgrown foliage. Standard ride-on lawn mowing equipment is just not built to handle these kinds of tough scrub, brush, noxious weeds and difficult terrain. You need the right machine to tackle these challenges!

This is where the Razorback rough terrain mowers come into their own. Our range of all-terrain mowers are known for their torque, stability, durability and high-quality Japanese steel blades. They feature selectable 4 wheel-drive system which provides better traction for steep terrain. Razorback also has an efficient shaft system which allows for direct transfer of horsepower to the rotating blades – blades you can even change in the field without tools.

Here are a few features professional contractors can expect from the All-Terrain Mower;

  • Low seating position. For more stability for hillside mowing.
  • Low centre of gravity. For more safety on slopes and rough terrain
  • Comfortable ride. And easy to operate and maneuver even in the tightest spots.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost. Each component of our Razorback Mower was designed to perform optimally under harsh Australian conditions for long periods of time.
  • Tough shaft drive. For strength and durability.
  • No deck belts. Tackle extreme terrain without fear of belt failures.
  • Easy tool-less blade changing. Change in the field to reduce downtime.
  • Extended warranty. Despite its tough workload our 3 year/1,000 hours warranty, whichever comes first, gives peace of mind.
  • Accessories. We have an extensive range of options to tailor the Razorback to suit your needs.

If you need to tackle rough terrain, long grass or tough scrub and vegetation, the Razorback has your back!

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