Not Fully Satisfied With Your Council Mowing Fleet?

Procurement of a flexible, reliable and safe fleet of mowers can be a daunting process. We hope we can help by introducing the Razorback all-terrain mower range. The perfect equipment for the toughest assignments; whether that’s safely negotiating steep slopes or uneven terrain, tackling dense overgrown scrub, noxious weeds or unkempt grass the Razorback goes where others just can’t.

What separates Razorback from the rest?

  • Low Centre of Gravity. The Razorback is designed to have a very low centre of gravity for steep incline work. This has resulted in an industry-leading EU certification of up to 25 degrees gradability, with 30 degrees stability angle left and right making it safer for your operators.
  • 4WD system. The Razorback features a tough 4WD system that is unique in its design and quality and sets this vegetation mower apart from all other mowers. You can switch from 2WD to 4WD, and engage the rear diff-lock. Operators will use the 4WD when negotiating steep slopes and engage the diff-lock for extreme undulating terrain.
  • Shaft Drive Deck. This is one feature that sets the Razorback apart from competitive mowers, which are commonly belt-driven. The shaft drive is a more advanced design and will save time and money in the long run.
  • Hirosaki Blades. These special blades are unique to the Razorback and are amazingly tough on impact with timber and rock material. They can still be sharpened without specialist tools and removed in the field without tools to reduce down-time.
  • Comfortable ride. With good vision out front, easy to operate and manoeuver - even in the tightest spots.

If you’re looking to fill a gap in your mowing fleet, ask about our deals for fleets and councils.

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