Ultimate Traction – Meet the Razorback Brushcutter Mowers

Winter Campaign - don't get bogged buy a Razorback 4[1]

Wet and muddy conditions don’t have to slow you down this winter! The Razorback 4WD mower has the ultimate traction control due to it’s true mechanical 4WD System and rear Diff Lock.  Add to the Razorback it’s unique Japanese blade system, and certification for slopes up to 30 degrees; the Razorback will perform in conditions other mowers can’t.

• shaft driven deck (means no more belt hassles!)

• rear diff lock= Ultimate traction control

• mechanical 4wd system

• dual wheels available

Call 1800 088 567 and book a FREE on-site demo today. By booking a demo you can test the ultimate traction the Razorback has on your property. With true mechanical 4WD and rear Diff Lock you will have the ultimate traction control. On top of that, the Razorback also has a shaft driven deck which means no more belt hassles and powerful cutting action. You’ll be glad you to test drive it and won’t look back at any other mower!

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