Razorback – When the Mowing Gets Tough!

Buying a property with acreage is a dream for many of us. But, keeping on top of it can be a challenge. If left for too long, noxious weeds and unwanted vegetation can take over your property, making making some areas virtually inaccessible. That’s where Razorback comes into its own, going where most other mowers can't and taking you places you thought were impossible.

Razorback’s range of ride-on 4WD lawn and vegetation mowers are built for Australia’s tough conditions and are at home mowing on steep slopes, slashing undergrowth, tackling thick scrub, brush, and weeds. Built tough using superior Japanese engineering, our all-terrain mowers are equipped with Hirosaki steel blades. This type of steel is made with the same techniques used produce Samurai swords, which have a legendary ability to cut hard materials while causing little damage to the blade. You can also change the blades with ease in the field without tools.

  • Ultra-Low Seating Position. Creates more stability for hillside mowing
  • Low centre of gravity. Provides amazing stability to safely handle slopes and rough terrain
  • Powerful & Efficient 4WD System. You can switch from 2WD to 4WD. The drive train has a high and low range to best adjust your ground speed to your cutting conditions.
  • Tough shaft drive. For maximum torque and low maintenance.
  • Compact mowing width. For maneuverability and access.
  • Extended warranty. Razorback warranty period is equal to 3 years or 1,000 hours (whichever comes first).
  • Cost and Time Efficient. Razorback all-terrain mowing equipment is designed to efficiently cut down tough shrubs and weeds. Plus, it has economic fuel usage so you can cover huge parts of your acreage.

Explore the Razorback all-terrain range of 2WD and 4WD mowers and check out this video to see our Razorback in action!

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