Razorback Shaft Drive Deck Train Features

The Razorback shaft drive deck train system is shared across the entire model program. This allows almost complete transfer of horsepower to the cutter deck through a shaft that has universal joints at both ends.

The oil filled cast gearbox has a spring based pinion gear system that absorbs shock and impact from the cutter train. The spring steel blade carrier has a unique profile that holds the “Heartfelt Hirosaki” steel blades that are basically fine layers of steel that are formed in a forge; similar engineering that is applied to Japanese swords. This provides an incredible blade that is capable of surviving encounters with granite rock. While it is extremely hard it has the advantage of being able to be sharpened using an 80 grit disk. The major trick is to weigh each blade to be certain that they are in balance.

The larger twin cylinder 4WD units have “tool-less” blades that can be easily removed in the field without any hand tools!

This incredible cutter train has been geared at between 12 to 13 thousand feet per second; many time less than the 18,500 blade tip speed typical of most mowers.

The relationship between the blade material, speed of the blade tips, spring loaded gearbox system and shaft drive produces an incredible solution for working rough ground, surviving rocks in a way that is so revolutionary for lawn mowing as we know it. No other mower has a system that is in any way as capable as the Razorback; each element in this cutter train has been designed specifically for this work.


The cutter train also has several “fuse” points to protect the system in an absolute shock situation. There are shear pins in the universal joints that are very easy and cheap to replace and the blade carrier is designed with a shoulder that will brake in a total carriage stoppage as well.

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