Did you know that Australia has one of the largest lawn mowing and ground care industry in the world?


IBIS World reported that the country’s lawn care industry has an annual revenue of 3 billion USD [IBIS World]. Many attribute the growth to the increasing value of rural properties being acquired in Australia. As a result, more clients are looking for mowing professionals to handle the tough terrain and vegetation. 


So, it’s no surprise that many property mowing contractors are expanding their services to handle these kinds of properties using all-terrain mowers. But, this seasonal industry also slows down during the winter months. Some companies stop their primary services to cut costs whilst some contractors often look for ways to maximise their profits by cutting the overhead or offering pruning and lawn mower maintenance services.


What Mowing Professionals Do In Winter


Winter is an amazing time for many citizens in Australia. But, it is the slowest season for the mowing and ground care industry. In fact, most all-terrain mowing companies tend to shy away from spending during winter. 


But, did you know that this is the ideal time to improve and promote your company’s services for the spring? Check this out!


Advertise For Spring


Building a website and launching an effective advertising campaign during winter can give you an edge over your competition [Turf Magazine]. You can offer promos for farmland clearing and slashing services for a limited time. This strategy not only helps with your business come spring, but it can also increase your number of potential clients and leads.


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Promote Deals to Property Managers


Property managers often require the services of a trusted all-terrain mowing company to improve properties and farmland. Try calling or emailing property managers and see if they need help with certain areas. This is also a great way to improve your clientele before the season changes.


Upgrade Critical Mowing Equipment


Spring will come soon. So, you can expect your clients will require your all-terrain mowing services to deal with the tough vegetation. Specialised equipment is needed to handle these kinds of foliage. This is a good time to take stock,  inspect and upgrade your equipment for the new season.


Securing the right piece of mowing equipment to handle the upcoming projects will give you a head start next season. Browse online resources to help you find a trusted all-terrain mower dealer near you.


Prepare Your Mowing Business for the Spring


Winter can be a bittersweet time for those working in the mowing industry. It can be a daunting task to find a client in need of your services. So, it would be best to make the most out of this quiet period by preparing for spring.


By following these tips, you can be sure to get ahead of your competition in the coming months. For more care tips and equipment maintenance, talk to an all-terrain mower provider today.






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