How Firebreaks Can Protect Your Home


Bush-fires can affect anyone, anywhere. It is important to prepare your home, property and family before bushfire strikes and it may be too late.

Fire-fighting resources alone are often not enough to protect properties. The easiest way to fight a fire is to stop it in the first place. This often involves the removal of fuel for fires to burn, especially near properties, commonly referred to as a ‘fire break’.

The most common type of fire break is a ‘reduced fuel zone’ fire break. This type has vegetation present but it is required to be no higher than 50mm. These types provide access for people and vehicles by clearing the under brush and saplings. They do not stop a fire, but slow it down and allow more time to combat it and reduce the intensity of the blaze, thus protecting any property in the path of the fire. They also make an area look more aesthetically appealing and help keep erosion under control.

Methods of constructing fire breaks vary, but the Razorback Ultimate All Terrain mower is a compact, and cost effective method.
This 4WD machine can traverse in very steep environments and easily cuts through thick brush and vegetation, up to 36mm in diameter. This makes it extremely effective for cutting new fire breaks in rugged terrain and previously inaccessible areas, as well as maintaining existing fire breaks and clearing fire trails.

The threat of bush-fires is ever constant in Australia, and we urge you to take measures to minimise the threat. An unprepared property is not only at risk itself, but also presents increased danger for neighbours.


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