Grass grows slower during the cold season so property mowing equipment won’t be frequently used. But, most of the time, this equipment is stored without proper winterising methods. And by springtime, there’s a high chance that the mower won’t start and may even be costly to repair.


Now, winterising equipment is essential to keep mowers ready by springtime. Plus, there are several advantages to winterising mowing equipment. It helps extend the lifespan of the mower and helps prevent costly repairs in the future. Clogging due to unused fuel or dirt is prevented so the mower is ready for its next use.


Since the mower won’t be used as much throughout the winter, it is important to clean and do basic repairs to ensure that it is ready by springtime. The cold season has harsh elements that will definitely do damage to equipment without proper winterising methods.  These extreme conditions may do irreversible damage to mowers, and may even result in replacing the equipment.


5 Winterising Tips for Mowing Equipment


Most mowing equipment owners tend to simply store their machines without properly winterising it. As a result, the mowers won’t start and may have serious problems that will incur costly repairs.


Here are some of the best winterising practices to ensure that mowers are well-maintained:


Disconnect and Clean the Spark Plug


Throughout the usage of the mower, the spark plug gets caked up with carbon. So, remove the spark plug and scour it with a wire brush or pad. Be careful whilst cleaning the mower, the spark plug may ignite and will lead to injury. Remember to turn off your mower prior to cleaning. Wear goggles and thick, non-conductive gloves when removing a spark plug.


Stabilise the Fuel


Fuel stabilisers are necessary to prevent oxidisation. To do so, add fuel stabiliser to an empty gas can then fill it with new fuel. Fill the mower tank with the new fuel. It’s also advisable to run the mower for a few minutes so that the stabilised fuel can work its way through the carburettor.





Remove the Blade


When winterising equipment, it is important to remove the blade to prevent injury because these are extremely sharp. Plus, it is easier to clean the equipment and remove any accumulated debris. Remember to wear thick gloves when removing the blades.


Change Air Filter


There are two types of filters: paper or sponge. For paper filter, replace it with a new one. As for the sponge type, remove it and clean with soapy water to remove debris and oil.


Clean the Deck


Cleaning the deck –the enclosed space under the mower where the blade spins- will help in improving the rugged mower performance. A clean deck allows the blades of grass to stand upright as the blade spins.


Choose an Easy-to-Maintain All-Terrain Property Mower


Mowing equipment won’t be used as much during the cold season because the grass will go dormant during this period. But, the lower temperature will damage poorly kept equipment. That is why proper winterising methods will help minimise damage caused by the cold climate and extend the mower’s service life. To get the most out of your equipment, choose an all-terrain mower that is easy to maintain and winterise. 


Contact a reliable all-terrain mower provider today and learn more about its features for your property.


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